Our Company

Sulzer is a brand communications firm that believes that a well-thought-out and well-executed brand communications platform can truly make or break an organization in today’s hyper-competitive and ever-changing world. Our firm was founded on the belief that we would set out every day to accomplish three primary objectives: build brands (listen), grow businesses (work hard), and as a result satisfy our client partners (deliver results).

Our goal, from the very beginning, has been to develop an intimate and creative design-based approach to brand communications for all of our clients. The focus of Sulzer is centered on developing specialized, innovative work that will make a true difference in a brand’s ability to connect and, more importantly, relate to the consumer. Our vision at Sulzer is to create a positive impact with each brand development campaign we collaboratively create and implement with each of our brand partners. This in turn furthers their ability to become market leaders within their respective industries and professions.

Executive Team

Michelle Sulzer

As Founder and Creative Director, Michelle has built Sulzer Inc. into a nationally recognized, multi-disciplined creative agency. After graduating with honors from Ringling School of Art and Design in 1996, Michelle worked for several years at Parag & Co., in Tampa. In late 2000, Michelle was inspired to create an agency that was collaborative in nature with a focus on clean designs. Michelle’s vision from the very beginning was to develop an intimate and creative design approach that would provide a unique style of branding and messaging for her firm's clients. Michelle’s primary focus has always been centered on developing specialized work that makes a true difference in her client partner's ability to participate in global communications.


Rob Sulzer

Managing Partner
Rob, Managing Partner of Sulzer Inc., has worked for more than 20 years growing and managing innovative, fast-paced entrepreneurial ventures of all sizes. As managing partner of Sulzer Inc., he is responsible for the day-to-day operations and strategic growth of the firm. Rob’s focus and passion has always been customers and business development, which explains why on most days you’ll find him working with clients and the account management team helping to create and grow enduring brands.


Marc Myers

Business Development
Marc has more than 15 years in sales, business development, and business ownership. As head of Sulzer Inc's sales and business development department he looks forward to working with new clients to help them achieve their branding and marketing goals. Marc has extensive experience in many different industries including healthcare, technology, education, and B2B (business-to-business) services. This experience gives him a depth of knowledge into the inner workings of what makes a business thrive. Marc loves working with business owners and exploring innovative ideas that grow revenue and ensure success. When Marc isn't working, you can usually find him spending time at the ballpark with his kids.