Sulzer is a brand communications firm that believes that a well-thought-out and well-executed brand communications platform can truly make or break an organization in today's hyper-competitive and ever-changing world. Our firm was founded on the belief that we would set out every day to accomplish three primary objectives: build brands (listen), grow businesses (work hard), and as a result satisfy our client partners (deliver results).

Our goal, from the very beginning, has been to develop an intimate and creative design-based approach to brand communications for all of our clients. The focus of Sulzer is centered on developing specialized, innovative work that will make a true difference in a brand's ability to connect and, more importantly, relate to the consumer. Our vision at Sulzer is to create a positive impact with each brand development campaign we collaboratively create and implement with each of our brand partners. This, in turn, furthers their ability to become market leaders within their respective industries and professions.


Who are we? We are our clients. Everything we do is about connecting our clients' products and services to people who need and want them. We take the time to understand your story and what makes your company different. Then we focus on developing communications and campaigns that reach your target audiences effectively and efficiently to give you the optimum return on your investment. When you partner with Sulzer we think of your business as if it's our own, because if you don't succeed, we don't succeed.



Our Team


Chief Executive Officer

Rob has been managing, building, and growing innovative, fast-paced entrepreneurial ventures of all sizes for more than 20 years. Rob’s focus and passion has always been customers and business development, which explains why on most days you’ll find him working with clients and the team at Sulzer to create and grow enduring brands. When he’s not at the office he rules the neighborhood basketball court, has been known to enjoy a fine cigar, and makes the most of every moment with friends and family.


Chief Creative Officer + Founder

A graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design, Michelle worked for several ad agencies before deciding to open her own collaborative agency in 2000. By focusing on helping clients’ achieve their goals through engaging designs and targeted messages Sulzer, Inc. is now a nationally recognized, multi-disciplinary creative agency that provides a unique style of branding and creative design based on research and client input. When she’s not developing creative and effective branding and marketing campaigns Michelle enjoys travelling across the U.S. in an RV, going to the beach, and looking for her next design inspiration.


Vice President of Growth

Marc has more than 15 years in sales, business development, and business ownership. His extensive experience gives him a depth of knowledge into the inner workings of what makes a business thrive. He looks forward to working with new clients to explore innovative ideas to help them achieve their branding and marketing goals, grow revenue, and ensure success. When Marc isn’t working, you can usually find him spending time at the ballpark with his kids.


Account Manager

A lifetime obsessing about organization has made Marissa the perfect project manager. She keeps the gears turning at Sulzer, the project pipeline moving smoothly, is the go-to person when you have a question and always manages to do so with a smile on her face. When she’s not keeping us in line and on task she enjoys visiting Disney with her family, reading manga, playing video games or taking funny pictures of one of her three cats – despite being a great organizer of people and projects, she’s yet to find a way to wrangle the cats into one picture.


Account Manager


Creative Director


Art Director

Kevin develops the visual aspect of our clients’ brand identities. His creative designs help Sulzer clients define themselves, enforce their brand, and enhance their message through clearly recognizable visuals. An avid doodler and frequent hockey player (though not at the same time), Kevin also enjoys going to the beach or golfing when he’s not designing brand campaigns.


Art Director


Digital Marketing Manager

With nearly 15 years experience in the digital marketing space, Meriel knows that “if you build it, they will come” does not apply to the online world; you need to actively drive people to discover your brand. She blends a winning mix of proven, data-driven strategy with creativity and an emphasis on client-focused relationships to achieve brand and business growth. When she’s not helping clients build their online success, she focuses on her plant business and loves creating living arrangements for events and spreading her love of plants and home decor. She enjoys spending time with her family, being active, and getting outside.


Director of Digital Platforms

Using design, technology and proven marketing techniques to create solutions that people love and profit from has been driving and inspiring Alberto since he designed and hand coded his first website. Alberto graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Information Technology. He is a Hokie fan. Volleyball addict. Movie aficionado. Lover of good food and drinks and always ready to bust out a great A Tribe Called Quest verse.


Senior Web Engineer

Because he focuses on making website management easy for those of us who do not know a CSS3 from a jQuery, Joe is the man when Sulzer clients want a professionally designed website that they can manage on their own. He takes the time to build relationships with every client and uses his years of experience and knowledge of a wide variety of web languages to create websites that tell our clients’ stories and connect them with their customers. When he’s not helping bridge the digital divide, Joe enjoys painting, drawing, playing soccer and basketball, and spending time with his family and Scrappy-Doo look-a-like dog, Hank.


Senior Developer






Video Editor


Senior Copywriter



Marcy won a prize for a short story she wrote in elementary school and since then, there’s been no holding her back. She has more than 20 years of writing experience – everything from headlines to speeches, blogs to brochures. She loves learning about new businesses, helping determine what makes them unique, and then telling that story to their potential customers. When she’s not crafting messages she enjoys reading, gardening (or at least the flowers that come from the garden), and going to festivals with her family.




Intern Digital Media Production + Marketing

  • Ronda Clement, VP of Marketing, Paradigm Corp.
    Sulzer Inc. brings our team new ways to think about our industry and ways to approach our unique business challenges. Not only do they help with the heavy lifting, they always go above and beyond and deliver exceptional results.
    Ronda Clement, VP of Marketing, Paradigm Corp.
  • Isabel Garcia, Cheif Executive Officer, RCMA
    When we were searching for an agency of record, Sulzer, Inc. was a natural fit. We are very family-centric and they instantly made us feel like an extension of their family. Working with them has solidified this initial impression further. They’ve been flexible and genuine at all times, and we’re looking forward to unveiling our new branding to the world this month!
    Isabel Garcia, Cheif Executive Officer, RCMA
  • Kerry Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Voyager Learning
    The Sulzer Agency team never missed a deadline and never balked when we threw “curve balls” with new requests and last-minute needs. I highly recommend The Sulzer Agency and look forward to every engagement we have to work with Michelle and her team of professionals.
    Kerry Goldstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Voyager Learning
  • Alicia Welch, Former Director of Marketing, Glenn Rasmussen Law Firm
    They were very diligent in their initial brand analysis and audit. Michelle was able to truly understand our competitors, industry and market, and built a brand strategy that set us apart in an extremely competitive market. The Sulzer Agency was extremely reliable and was very conscious of our timelines, meeting all deadlines while completing all revisions accurately. Michelle was able to take everyone’s opinions into account, and was patient with the team and in the end we were all very happy with the final results. She stayed within our budget, and was very easy to work with in all aspects of the rebranding project and projects that followed. I highly recommend this talented and passionate team.
    Alicia Welch, Former Director of Marketing, Glenn Rasmussen Law Firm
  • Liz Anderson, Director of Annual Giving, Chapters Health System
    Their design talent along with they extremely friendly customer service makes them a pleasure to work with.
    Liz Anderson, Director of Annual Giving, Chapters Health System
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