A Growing Company

It doesn’t get much sweeter than Wish Farms. Since 1900 they have been a leading provider of fresh berries and vegetables in the United States. While they are well known in the industry for quality, integrity and responsiveness, their name was not a household one – until they partnered with Sulzer. As marketers for the entire berry industry, Wish Farms wanted to be the brand shoppers reached for when they were looking for fresh, sweet strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Sulzer revamped their brand and developed new and effective consumer campaigns that resulted in more web traffic and increased sales.

Building a Berry Nation

From videos to tell their history to ones that introduce Misty, The Garden Pixie, Sulzer has written and produced more than 25 videos for Wish Farms. When Wish Farms needed a video to show before Plant City’s annual Strawberry Festival concerts (attended by half a million people) they turned to Sulzer and have relied on our expertise to create recipe videos, promotional videos for digital campaigns, information videos for trade shows and everything in between.

Connecting with the Consumer

Wish Farms has been a well-known name in their industry for almost a hundred years but they wanted to be a brand that consumers connected with fresh, delicious berries and produce. Sulzer revamped their brand to be more consumer friendly and developed fun, innovative campaigns to help them become a household name. Share the Love of Berries, Life is Sweet and Be a Berry Lover gave name recognition to Wish Farms through social media contests, digital campaigns, email newsletters and grocery store signage.

Focus on the Consumer

Wish Farms wanted a web site that would reach berry lovers. Sulzer focused on creating a new design and navigation that would be consumer friendly and that berry lovers would want to return to. The mobile optimization on the site ensures consumers have delicious berry recipes and hints right at their fingertips.