A Rejuvenating Company that changes the Face of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Michael Boggess had years of experience as a facial plastic surgeon with a group practice before he decided to branch out on his own and open Youthful Reflections. Because he has focused exclusively on cosmetic facial rejuvenation, his experience and expertise in the field is unparalleled in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding area. However he did not know how to get that message across to potential patients. He turned to Sulzer to help brand his practice, market his signature procedure, the Reflection Lift, and drive potential patients to his practice.

Educating Patients through
a video series & TV

Patient testimonials, television interviews, social media videos, and television commercials all played a part in strategically getting the word out to potential patients about Youthful Reflections, Dr. Boggess, and the Reflection Lift. When patients are considering plastic surgery, testimonials can play a huge part in their decision making process. Sulzer made sure potential patients had plenty of video testimonials to help them understand the process and get a sense of the caring and nurturing environment at Youthful Reflections.

Staying in the Consumer’s Mind

People can spend years thinking about having facial rejuvenation surgery before they make the decision to do so. It’s a big decision. Sulzer created campaigns to engage patients during the long process and keep Youthful Reflections in the top of their mind as the leader in facial rejuvenation procedures in the Nashville area. Monthly e-newsletters, lunch & learn events, brochures, flyers, and print, ongoing social media campaigns, digital, and televisions campaigns help the Youthful Reflections brand stay on top of mind. stay on top. Sulzer also helps Youthful Reflections manage digital profiles on sites such as Real Self to ensure the correct and accurate information is getting to the consumer.

Informing the Consumer

Sulzer created an easy to navigate website for Youthful Reflections that can be viewed from any device. With straightforward information and lots of before and after pictures, patients are able to quickly find the answers to their questions. Special offers available on the website and informative blogs give them a reason to visit the site again and again.